Jake Bell- Drums

Jacob Delott- Bass/Lead Vocal

Alex Loughborough- Guitar/Backup Vocal

C.C. Potato was formed in 2016 from the filthy streets of Los Angeles, the creation of music school friends Jacob Delott (vocals/bass) and Jake Bell (drums). Burned out after playing hundreds of shows together as country backup musicians, they reached their breaking point one day while sitting in L.A. traffic on the way to another faceless gig. If they were destined to be playing music for losers and burnouts, it might as well be in the style of the bands they grew up listening to! 


The two waxed poetic over their influences like Rancid, Green Day, and NOFX, and they recruited friend Zach Jones on guitar to fill out the lineup. While the origins of the name C.C. Potato are sketchy at best and devoid of any real meaning, it would nonetheless become the moniker for this new band. Joined by Deen Anbar on lead guitar, their debut album The Upper Decker gave birth to staples of the band’s set list like “My Best Friend’s a Piece of Shit” and “All I Give a Fuck About”. 


Zach would soon depart the group, and the new trio of Jacob, Jake, and Deen spent 2017 playing across California and making new friends and fans along the way. They would return to the studio that fall to record their followup album The Best Of The Worst, with friend and fill-in guitarist Alex Loughborough providing backup vocals. The album was accompanied by their video for “Flamingo Motel”, the lead single off the album. Deen would go on to leave the group in early 2018 to pursue other projects, and Alex stepped in to fill the role of full time guitarist. 


With the new lineup cemented and sounding tighter than ever, C.C. Potato has been hell-bent on doing what they live for- spreading their brand of snotty, singalong punk rock across the west coast and beyond!